Tarek El Sayed: We congratulate the Olympic members on the new ground. We will continue to work on implementing the projects

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The President of the Olympic Club, acting on behalf of himself and the rest of the Board of Directors, congratulates the members of the club after the approval of the Executive Council of Alexandria Governorate under the chairmanship of Dr. Mohamed Sultan. For the establishment of stadiums. The Olympic Club will complete the establishment of all the facilities within a year at the most since the date of receiving the land, while allowing the activities to delve into the area, stressing that the Board works hard to implement all the projects. It has been announced.

The president of the club said: “I urge the members of the club to be patient with the board of directors and the executive bodies in implementing the plans. There should be no legal procedures that will take place in the tenders and tenders for the land projects and the beach of Abu Bakir. There will be no negotiations that harm the interest of the club or the state. They submit complaints to the parties we negotiate with, which are the armed forces, and provide them with approvals for the beach in accordance with the state of emergency declared in the country, as well as the land of the blankets belonging to the province, which provides more than the club of Sakandri complain to get it Advertisers prepared Especially since the approvals require the approval of all the supervisors and the Executive Council of the governorate, which considered the subject three sessions in the three monthly sessions that were held and therefore the delay.

As well as the development of the projects of the club and the lounge of Suleiman Ezzat, which the Council decided to re-issue because of the disproportionate to the estimated price and provide only two companies after the completion of drawings and measurement and decide on the bids, which are all procedural steps, and has been the issuance of licenses and approval of the Ministry and all necessary procedures must be done in advance .

Engineer Tariq Al Sayed pointed out that the Board of Directors has entered into a very ambitious plan with a large number of projects that have been approved, some of which have been subject to intensive studies. The Council has been invited to contract with five consultancy offices for swimming pool and track projects, Ezzat and the roof cover project of Suleiman Ezzat and the project of developing the hall and theater of the ground floor of Suleiman Ezzat as well as the exploitation of the small piece of space next to the entrance to the facilities and covering the roof of the service center and the development and repair of open playgrounds gymnasium and the optimal exploitation of Abuqir Beach and land project The study of the land of the new branches of the club and the suitable land suitable for the land of Marsa Matruh presented by the village of Andalusia, one of the public projects presented to the Council and the land of the city of Burj Al Arab .. Studies may end up with difficult results, as happened in the land of Abu Bakir Beach, All of the beach is completely in winter and it is impossible to make a construction decision except with high costs of protection. This is not consistent with the duration of the three-year contract and the inevitability of the beach as it is without adding investment.

We also offered the integrated cameras project at a cost of nearly one million pounds from the companies and the large organizations. Therefore, we preferred to implement the project now by ourselves, in order to complete the installation of the first phase which began covering the gates and walls of the stadium. The second stage is now being implemented. Wall cameras in the seizure of thieves for accidents reported last month and thus reduced the budget of cameras with the same results as needed by members of the club ..

Engineer Tarek explained that the Board of Directors takes into consideration the need to control the implementation of projects with the organization of the resources of the club with the requirements of the building, especially that the Board of Directors is grateful not to collect money from the members of the club to build any of the projects, which sometimes slow implementation sometimes.

Tariq al-Sayyid said that the council does not raise prices for sports services except after extensive study and that the prices increase according to the increase in the annual burden of consumption of utilities, which increased in the last two years from one quarter to one million pounds to more than one million pounds in gas, water, electricity, cleaning and security services, The activity and its pioneers at a time when professionalism in the collective sports games, which is considered by the Council in it, to balance the revenues and expenses at a time when the board doubles the budgets of social activities and the interest of a large number of members who do not run Sun Sports, which was activated for the first time with the formation of 16 different committees started since the beginning of the year in the practice of new activities for the first time in the club ….

The president concluded his statement by thanking the Board and the executive management and the melody, as the large number of files discussed by the committees emanating from it, whether for engineering projects, clothing, buses and Abu Bakr and the Service Center and for personnel and in spite of the great effort in the new sports regulations for all the games and academies that I expect to work on the club for ten years to come


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