Social and Cultural Committee

Social Committee We have the honor to present to you the work of the Social Committee since the decision of its formation in February 2018 until 30/6/2018. The Committee has considered the work inside and outside the club to strengthen social ties with external parties and charitable institutions as well as family ties between the members of the club. The following actions have been carried out: – The hosting of the future hospital for the treatment of tumors free of charge has been implemented as follows: – Receiving donations from members of the club To the hospital directly through the establishment of a headquarters for the receipt of donations through the members of the hospital and under the supervision of the Committee. To hold an evening seminar in which Dr. Assem Rustam will present the hospital’s work and its services to the citizens, as well as an explanation of the disease and methods of treatment and prevention. The celebration of Orphan Day within the club has been implemented as follows: – This day is one of the most important days in which the Social Committee and members of the participation of children to celebrate and the following institutions were received: – Orphanage Association. – Al Afaf Charity Association. – S.O.S. -Dar Yalahir for Orphan Care – Ahmed Al-Sejaini Association. Alexandria Association for the Care of the Blind. – Some orphans who did not belong to charitable institutions were also received inside the club. The committee opened playgrounds for children, provided breakfasts and food, held a large entertainment party and provided material assistance to all children attending. 3 – The celebration of the day of Sham Alnasim inside the club has been implemented as follows: – The club held a large ceremony of the members and the committee supervised the ceremony through the selection of paragraphs and the Committee took into account the diversity of technical paragraphs to meet the tastes of various members and the admiration of the members as well as all efforts by The possibilities to obtain satisfaction from members and their families and spend a fun day at the club. The program has been implemented as follows: – Continuing to provide services to members of the club The Social Committee provided a program (see your lessons) for the members of the members of different stages in order to help them to memorize their lessons through the volunteering of some teachers from the members of the club who made great efforts to finish Of the academic year. This program was well received by the parents of the students from the members with a ceremony to honor the members of the teachers participating in the program in the presence of the members of the Board of Directors and the distribution of certificates of appreciation and symbolic gifts from the Committee and the management of the club. Two meals were held during the month of Ramadan. The program was organized as follows: – The club held a group breakfast for members in the hall of the team Suleiman Ezzat under the supervision of the social committee. The committee has made a great effort praised by all members of organizing and processing the ceremony by receiving requests for reservations and preparing menus And the facilitation of the entry of members in a convenient manner in addition to the establishment of a technical ceremony after the completion of breakfast and the number of members in each ceremony more than 250 individuals. 6 – The establishment of a ceremony during the month of Ramadan and the prayer of Tahjid has been implemented as follows: – The Committee organized a ceremony for members of the Sahour on the night of the twenty-seventh of Ramadan and the prayer Tahjd sub-stadium and included the provision of the Suhoor members and the section of the mysteries and another paragraph of religious prayers have praised the idea members demanding Repeated with the preparation for Eid al-Fitr and Adha prayer. In order to continue the efforts of the Committee in providing social services to the members, the committee prepared an initial inventory of the children of members with special needs. The Deputy Engineer / Chairman of the Board was invited to meet with them and to identify their problems. A memorandum to the Council on participation in sports activities and the implementation of programs to develop mental and intellectual skills and participation in all events and celebrations so that these children become a combined energy with the children of the members of the club and the program is underway. On this occasion, I extend my thanks and appreciation to your honorable person, the management of the club and the distinguished council for assisting the committee in implementing part of the program during the short and short period, which has been done with all available means and guidance and assistance to you. Yours faithfully, Mr. Mustafa El Sayed Ahmed, Chairman of the Committee
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