Mobility and Youth Committee

Youth and Mobility Committee
First: Composition of the Committee:
• Mr. Saher Atef Abdel Fattah (Chairman of the Committee)
• Rawan Zaitoun (Vice President)
• Hanan Ibrahim (Rapporteur of the Committee)
Committee members:
• Amira Zeidan
Sharif Emad
• Rawan Melis
• Menahallah Hisham
• Abdul Rahman Ahmed
• Angie Ali
• The roar of Tariq
Lamia Zidane
• Nourshan Yasser
• Yara Shawki
• Mayar Majdi
• Ahmed Hafez

Second: Committee Activities:
• The Egyptian party in the hearts of athletes
• A party in love with Egypt
• Birthday party
• Orphan Day Festival
• Scout Training Campaign
• Decorate the club with Ramadan decorations
• Organizing the Ramadan session
• Conducting a questionnaire for the opinion of the members of the club for suggestions and positives

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