Committee on Women and Children

Activities of the Women’s and Children’s Committee at the Olympic Club during the previous period
* Children’s birthdays every three months from the age of 4 years to ten years
* Activate and revitalize the Ballet team and work in its participation in various festivals and select trainers with a degree of competence and experience
* Choice of ideal mothers in 2018 A special celebration was held for the first time choosing ideal mothers (mother of martyrs, mothers with special needs) with a short film about the story of the struggle of each mother * Organization of the celebration of the breeze and Eid al-Fitr
* An exhibition was held in cooperation with the marketing committee for family supplies in the hall of Suleiman Ezzat and for two days 80% of the opposition members of the Olympic Club
* Host Chef Walid Najm and provided a practical explanation for some easy meals and inexpensive *
Hand workshops for women and children at the club
* The work of the figures of Ramadan characters (Vendor Alknava – bean seller) * Supervision of the program of education of electrical and mechanical engineering for children from the age of 6 years, where 15 years
Rapporteur of the Committee on Women and Children Asma Jamal al-Din, Chairperson of the Committee on Women and Children, Madame Sumaya Al-Rawaini

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