Membership affairs

Papers required for new membership
  • Copy of the educational qualification of the husband / wife
  • Copy of the spouse’s ID card 2 personal photos of each member of the family
  • Copy of Marriage Coupon
    Photos of birth certificates of children under 21 years of age for males
Separate the membership of the sons
  • For girls after 21 years (contract of the Koran or work) whichever comes first
  • For children of 21 years of age who graduated from university, separation procedures are taken
  • As for children who have not completed their studies at the university, they are still attending university, and their contributions are paid as children with a member up to the age of 25.
  • As for those who have completed 25 years, whether they graduated or did not take the procedures of separation of membership from the basic member and are the work of independent membership for them
Procedures for the separation of the membership of boys and girls

A form shall be withdrawn from the Department of Contributions and accompanied by the following documents:

  • Copy of the ID card
  • Copy of marriage voucher – notification from the employer) for girls
  • Copy of the academic qualification – Notification from the employer for the children
  • Has 2 photos
  • Last Carney is a member of a son or daughter
    Must be committed to apply for separation for boys or girls within one year from the date of separation must be applied in accordance with the text of Article 11 of the Regulations of the Basic Regulations of the club