Club Legends


Ibrahim Shams

Gold London Olympic 1948. Bronze Berlin Olympic 1936

Born January 16, 1917 - died January 16, 2001, Egypt's weightlifting champion for 20 years, won the Lightweight Gold Medal at the London Olympics in 1948 with new Olympic and world records. He also won the bronze medal at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Badminton Won first place in light weight at the World Weightlifting Championships in 1949 in The Hague, Netherlands. He won the world championship in weightlifting four times last in light weight in Milan, Italy in 1951, and won the first place of light weight in the Mediterranean cycle in Alexandria, Egypt.


Anwar Mospah

Gold Olympic Medal of Berlin 1936

Born April 8, 1913 - died November 25, 1998 Anwar Mesbah, the son of Alexandria, won the gold medal at the Berlin Olympics in 1936, when he was able to raise a total of 342.5 kg, achieving a new record. Hitler gave him the gold medal with his fellow hero Khadr al-Tuni. Hitler wished that the lamp of Germany would be his performance. He returned to Egypt to be received by King Farouk with his colleagues. He gave him 100 gold pounds and issued a decree appointing him as a teacher of sports education at the Ministry of Education.


Ibrahim Moustafa Wrestler

Gold Olympic Medal of Amsterdam 1928

Born April 20, 1904 - October 9, 68, died of an Olympic club champion and began to appear after becoming Egypt's light weight champion in 1924. He drew the attention of the coach and was the first international representative of Egypt to participate in the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris. Olympia participated in it and Mustafa occupied fourth place and was the first Egyptian, Arab and African to get this Olympic Center. He participated in the Amsterdam Olympics in 1928 and won the gold medal. The Queen of the Netherlands crowned him with the gold medal and became the first Arab and African to win the Olympic medal. This was the first gold medal in Amsterdam in 1928 and the last by Karam Jaber 2004.


Tamer Salah

Bronze Olympics of Athens 2004

Tamer Salah Bayoumi was born on April 12, 1982 and has many international and local taekwondo achievements. He defeated Spanish player Juan Ramos at the Athens 2004 tournament. He won the bronze medal and won the bronze flyweight at the World Taekwondo Championships in Beijing in 2007. On the Olympic mission in Egypt, and was chosen to carry the flag of Egypt at the closing ceremony.


Karam Gaber Wrestler

Golden Olympics of Athens 2004

Karam Mohamed Ibrahim Jaber Born in September 1979 in the city of Alexandria belongs to a large family plays sport a prominent role in their lives, Jaber joined the school wrestling first time at the age of seven when his older brother Adel took one of his training, drawing attention to this game, The training was the first to be officially contested in 1989 at a weight of 26 kg. He won the Alexandria Championship and brought the first medal. In 2004, Jaber reached the peak of his achievement when he won the gold medal when he beat his Georgian opponent Ramaz Nozadze by a decision that stopped the confrontation for inequality. About three minutes in the final m The former men's wrestling class 96 kg.